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    Over 30 Years Engineering Excellence

    For more than 30 years W.R. Davis Incorporated has been putting unique technology to work in more than sixteen countries worldwide.

    W.R. Davis Incorporated is a world leader in signature management, from computer simulation to hardware implementation. Davis stealth products include IR suppression and prediction for ships and aircraft as well as underwater ELF electromagnetic supression systems.

W.R. Davis Incorporated Overview

W.R. Davis Incorporated is a high technology defense compancy providing IR signature management products and services for rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft. We combine computer IR simulations with real-world IR measurements and testing to design and fabricate engine exhaust IR signature suppression devices.

Davis provides complete naval IR signature management services and designs and manufactures IR signature management system for a variety of naval vessels. Davis produces complete engine intake and uptake exhaust systems, engine exhaust plume cooling systems, and underwater electromagnetic signature management products and services. We also perform scale engine inlet and exhaust testing.

Davis has extensive manufacturing capabilities with experience in both aerospace manufacturing and conventional metal working. We manufacture pressurized water tanks for aircraft out of stainless steel and titanium.

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