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  • IR AnalysisProfessional IR Analysis of Your Platform

    Davis has been analyzing the IR signatures of ships and aircraft for more than 20 years.

    Find out what a detailed Davis IR analysis can tell you about your existing or proposed platform.

Detailed IR Analysis Capabilities

The ability to perform an IR analysis of a platform requires an understanding of IR phenomenology, material thermal properties, heat transfer, and a detailed familiarity with the ShipIR software. The defence departments of many countries around the world have dedicated laboratories each with a mandate to maintain and improve upon their knowledge of IR analysis.

Davis cooperates with these laboratories in international forums to enhance the ShipIR software and introduce improved analysis methodologies.

Also, it is sometimes the case that a platform designer (i.e. shipyard or airframer) can be tasked with achieving a required level of IR signature or detectability and does not have the resources or time to come up to speed on IR analysis. Davis has conducted or provided dedicated technical support for the IR studies of several classes of naval ships and aircraft types. We can be contracted to perform the IR analysis for your platform.

Another consideration is that the IR detectability of your platform varies with environmental and operational conditions. Once the ship has been modelled in ShipIR, the next question to answer is under what conditions the platform should be analysed. Davis solves this problem by analysing a large set of weather data in the region of operation and choosing a small number of environmental conditions with the same statistical characteristics as the weather data. This innovative technique provides the platform designer with a truly representative measure of IR detectability in the region of operation. This can be done under various ship speeds and with various levels of IR suppression.

The IR signature of land vehicles is more important than ever.  Man portable IR imaging equipment or remotely controlled cameras aboard UAV’s are becoming ever more prevalent on the battlefield.  Knowing your platform’s IR signature is crucial to protecting your soldiers and assets.  Davis can provide the services required to correctly assess your land vehicle’s IR signature through thermal imagery and other data collection methods.

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